Tuesday, November 14, 2006

We are Back

Firstly We(Umi,Hadi,Saiful) for not posting over this few months. The main reason for this is:
1. my brother and I were getting ready for our exam we don't want the same thing happening like last year. A very bad year last year.

2.My mom is 100% devoted to her work.

3.We Forgot Our password :-)

Friday, June 02, 2006


Month of June is Exams month to most college students all over the world. However umi sons hadi n saiful had theirs in May.

During this month umi's heart pound as fast as umi's son but have to b calm as the frequency flows n wants a positive attitude for both umi sons.

Exams to umi are going on stage being awarded during those days, now umi knows its importance as a step to a better life style. Excellence today is at finger tips, why!!! because there are these motivation camp, tuitions and personal tutor, books to excellence and even counselor to assist students with their study programme. However not many excell. Hmmmm Hmmmm Why!!!

Umi's observation is simply there are also an increase of entertainment n games needing full concentration. Umi's time most of the challenges side kick were physical games ie konda kandi, marbles, police n thieve, tenteng n many others. Once stuck or curfew at home umi's mind are fresh n could absorbed subjects as easily. Todays entertainment are play stations, computers game n many others which requires mind concentration n repeatition. Once kena warning by mums or dad the mind are too tired n only 30-40% or at times none at all that could absorbed the school syllibus.

Umi usually allows umi sons with their style of studying till second semester, once results secured and not to their expectation umi will give umi sons a studying scedules and no excuses excepted. Umi is very stern in this department because it's for their future life style.

What happens to umi son in college, well dearest all, he is on his own, only can listen n advice from far.

Once exams over holidays will follow n umi son hadi n saiful are into football every evening with neighbouring kids. What happens to college student after exams, holidays too . Umi's advice at this time travels or join any social NGO clubs, understand n feel the responsibilities of helping others. Not only that ur actually building up net-working and it will help umi son n daughter once u've obtain ur scroll.

Maaannny malay college students lepak2 or sleep n eat during holidays, it's a waste of precious time n u are actually lowering ur self esteem. Umi n college gang we used the opportunity travelling( student style le- cheap n convienience) This way umi learnt patience-got to tolerate friends that mandi n siap very d slow one, respect coz meeting friends' parents or uncles n aunties ( if free lodging le) Umi have this scrap book sort of diary n it stimulates umi's critical thinking n broaden umi's perspective with regards to human relationship ( meeting n mingling with small children sampai old people, gramma n grampa).

All this experience has enable umi to understand people better coz we come from different upbringing n surrounded by many characters. This umi dearest son n daughters are very important in life. We will stay humble knowing there are many others who deserve better than us but was not given the opportunities.

Exams n Holidays are actually a step to understand stress n relax. We need to balance them n this will enables us to smile always n we'll be surrounded with many positive n kind hearted people.

Do well in Exams K n Enjoy ur holidays, umi sons n daughters.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Re-energise to cope with enthusiasm

At time umi notice umi sons n daughter energy level dropping. Is it burdened with too much work and too little time to do it? Sensing ur becoming lethargic, then umi sons n daughters may b experiencing midcourse droop - an insidious yet common syndrome.

When enthusiasm wanes, the ability to cope with stress decreases and the joy of learning is sometimes lost. Thoreau reminds us that "None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm" " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm" says Emerson.

At registration time, energy were high as you envisioned the mountaintop of growth and possibilities inherent in the learning experience to come. Now as near mid-term the storm clouds of academic and personal problems may b obscured the summit of success.

Midcourse letdown strikes umi sons n daughters when u have underestimated the time required to learn the content of ur course. Or when poor time managements skills cause them to delay the completion of major assignments until the deadline approaches and panic sets in.

Disappointment occur when umi sons n daughters fail 2 achieve the level of success u envisioned, Lower than expected test scores, poorly received contribution, rejection by teammates assigned to a group project and the frustration from working with alazy lab partner have taken all the toll. What first perceived as an enjoyable learning adventure may have by midterm become a code 3 struggle for survival.

Reading many articles and passing through this path before umi would like to share of what some survival experts tell people in a bottomless quagmire in the woods to stop struggling - uncoordinated effort only caused victim to skin ever deeper. Only by calm, purposeful and coordinated actions can the victims save themselves by swimming through the muck or sand to the safety of a solid shore.

Well dearesrt all try a refocus strategy. refocus means


each time dearest when reality doesn't measure up to an envisioned ideal, emotional energy is drained, self-esteem is lowered and feelings of being in control diminished. The result is BURN-OUT. Umi want to share this

  1. RECOGNISE - recognise ur achievements thus far. acknowledge the progress u have made, may it be assignment, reports, organising parties or anything. Thankful u have done them.
  2. EMPOWER - Create a list of ur strength, are u a great leader, excellence communicator designer or leader. List ur five greatest personal achievements in the past year. Can u remember how u felt during these moments? reliving these peak experiences can really empower u with greater enthusiasm and sense of purpose.
  3. FOCUS - Concentrate ur attention on the mayerials to be learened in d second half of ur studying and d selection of d most effective studying style possible. Take a few moments to visualise or improved performances that u hope to engage near future. Take a quick look of ur new syllabus. Are u on track? Will there b enough time? No? Then u have a management problem. Use a triage system to gain control of d situation. Triage is a strategy used in medicine under emergency conditions to son patients into treatment categories. The number 1 priority is 2 treat those who will benefit d most and who require d easiest treatment. Then move 2 thos who require more difficult treatment but benefit greatly. Last attend to those who difficult treatment but won't benefit from it. Another words, work 2 achieve d highest benefit with the least of time n effort.
  4. OBJECTIVE - In the intervening weeks since u formulated ur studying targets or objectives, d stresses n strains of studying and daily living may have caused u to veer from ur originalexcellence plan. If u have refocused ur priorities it's important to create targets to guide ur post-midterm efforts. To energis urself apply performance targets. K
  5. COMMIT - After u visualise ur goal n create specific measurable learning targets, commit to achieving them. To reach ur goal u'll need a strong commitment; one that will not waver as u encounter difficulties. Nothing goes completely as planned, though. The number of variables in d learning process are too great to permit total control. A staunch resolve enables u to presevere through tough times, and it builds self-esteem. Please dearest recommit to success in learning. Remind urself of the benefits of making short term sacrifices to obtain long term rewards.
  6. UNBURDEN - U don't have to b perfect; u just have 2 b urself dearest umi son n daughters. Once u accept that u are successful students of medicine, architecture, boi-science n many others before u hold the title doctors, architect or scientist, then u have unburden urself and appreciate knoeledge n it becomes more enjoyables.
  7. SURPRISE - During second half of ur course variety is often desperately neede to keep urself motivated. Well dearest changes of studying environment, groups or time is one of them. Just b eccentric at time n u'll find them motivated coz people around u with open-mouth of What d hell but u just walk passed them with a smile. B orange.

Well dearest umi sons n daughters Umi wants everybody 2 excellence n be Malaysian leaders or examples, why umi share these with u ladies n gentlemen.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ring Ring or Melody or trrr trrr

When the phone rings,trrr trrr or melody its for money.

At umi's position a phone rings always n always 4 money, either me sons, umi's work site or others. Hmmm n it is very tiring coz d money is not in d bank as promised by d bankers, by d government or by umi le. Headache , pening, pitam all in d mind.
Why ME, Why ME

Me son Putera
Simple answer it's umi's responsibilities. The past weeks till 2day it has been very challenging n exhausting even music cannot soothe umi's worries. Tried 2 blogging nothing too. Then remembered umi's usual 3am routine which have been neglected for 2 weeks, YES YES it helps n ALLAH ur the best. Umi cries sob sob cries n cries n sure enough d strength 2 behold d responsibilities are back n tawakal. Next day wishes no ring ring trrr trrr. Hmmmmm sure ada but they are patience this time n umi is still in d mission 2 find d money. Staff n workers need them badly suppliers wants their payment n me sons wants them for daily food n stuff.

Well umi tried to make the ring ring n trrr trrr 2 others for help ( not free aids coz its+ 10-15% wang kesusahan meminjam) Most of d rich malay businessman wants JV lah, b directors lah n many many lah. So Dearest Sons and Daughters when make ring ring or trrr trrr 2 mummy or daddy at times not just 4 money K coz it helps in giving strength 2 umi knowing that u call just want to tell u care how much u miss us, emak n ayah.

As teenagers ring ring n trr trr makes d heart beat n pound, simply because it's ur sweety pie or hunky man. Ring ring too can caused pain or anger coz its goodbye or date cancelled. How u handle them apa2 pun don't throw d phone ya coz it'll end ur ring ring n trrr trrr n that makes teenagers life boring n lost.

Ring ring too can give u hope remember when u received ur result from UPU all jumps with a smile from ear 2 ears. He he he. Umi pun suspense that time.

BUT where is all that now when umi is at 44 ring ring only means business or money. Umi's fault though coz don't like gossip so ladies friend find umi not interesting not communicating in gossips column. Sigh...... Least have u blog daughters n sons 2 share umi's feelings 2day n prays will do umi's 3 am routine again n again n always coz only n only that give umi d strength to answer all umis' ring ring n trrr trrr 2morro.

Me son Saiful d shy one ego
high in d sky

2 nite sleepless night coz want to do Power Point coz d government, umi's client happy with umis' report n want 2 view them in bosses meeting. Any ring ring or trrr trrr when reading this blog, answer them K coz it might makes ur heart beat or pound. Love U all n miss me son afiq.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Exams Over!!!!

FIFA WORLD CUP HERE I COME!!!!!! To all the supporters of Brazil, remember Brazil rule, Iam going to stay up all night watch it on T.V, with lots of coke(the official drink for fifa 2006) in my hands with my brother Saiful(which is still shy to post a blog about himself). Belive me brazil will win the next World cup which is coming around the corner. Oh! I forgot one more thing. ALL THE KARIPAP I WANT EAT, YUM YUM.

The colours above are the colours of the fifa world cup logo.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Dancing or Body language

Just love these words coz just thinking of it makes umi relax.

Oh yes umi love dancing coz it relaxes my mind n it 2 is an exercise. However it can also interpretes as body language. Why why simply bcoz it interpretes ur feelings, ur body movement movement as accordance 2 d music at times communicates. Oh wow love this music listening now n swaying my shoulder while communicating with u readers. Come on create a musia in ur mind n dance with umi.

Kid kid kid, mirul mirul n of course afiq come dance with umi.

Body language, love this words coz when studying architecture we were thaught 2 study clients' mood n make d presentation as accordance. Supposely d client is 2 serious n business minded( who ingat dia paling pandai) then u start d presentation like professional lah. slowly wait 4 d question they asked then from there onwards just follow their mood n ur design is accepted.

However if ur client jenis got much money through hardwork n not a reader then starts presentation with the flow of environment- using simple words n many many examples of this place that place n ur design will b accepted.

What happen once ur design or reports being accepted with excellence Ape lagi DANCE n DANCE lah.

Love dancing since umi boleh ingat, me sons aful is hip hop, hadi still shy shy n afiq made a surprise at prom nite. Good movement n lastly putra d cutey pie much into umi in movement n aful as mentor, lots of hand movement n head shaking.

Dance...........................age well there's no boundary 2 that if ur escentric, we designer are that.

Then when studying engineering, frust coz d students were so stiff n no wonders they are just like d concrete building or steel bridge. Love architecture mindset but engineering outdoors archivement( Site work)....

Through dancing u can creates good mood....hmhmmmmmm this is 4 above sea level adults.

Dancing too can b done in water n just love it coz at my age dancing in waters cause less pain as there's water too comfort them.. Well dearest all don't just dance thinking of discos but its a communication n expression.

WHY WAIT EXPRESS URSELF NOW< Dance dance n dance. stop now n let u dance expressing ur inner feeling n thought.

Friday, May 19, 2006


MISS U N LOVE U- a phrase long forgotten at umi's age but again missing me sons n loving them. Hmmm u ladies n gentlemen are adventuring this era now n d feeling is really deep. Why simply because u're away from home n have been taking the feeling for granted. Umi really feel d feeling first minute away from me sons. When umi sent afiq 2 college d moment after d long hugging n kissing at pipi felt a big lump in umi's heart. Whenever outstation n saying bye2 to other 3 sons felt pain n guilt in umi's heart. When d stays prolong more than a week umi's mind n concentration 2wards work not 100%. Umi don't mind flying home n fly again 2 works. But what awaits home is always mess n shouts. Sitting alone in living room, umi smiles coz that shouts n mess yang umi miss ie musics of my life. Funny though during teenagers -missing n loving is touching n communicating. Why!!! simply because u me children only spend 3-4 hours 2gether unlike umi 24 hours.

Love !!wow read at mirul's blog n after adventuring this commitment entity- love is actually sacrifise n 2getherness. Sex is just a needs for a healthier body after all mana ada masa nak exsersice. We mummy most of d time tried 2 hide this feeling but again it show in our action ie subconciously talks about d person n making others boring. Umi have 2 b careful coz 2 much will cause me other 3 sons left out n umi always tries 2 share umi's love equally.

Usually umi share d missing love feeling with me 3 sons, we will talk about d trip n funny encounters n better still each others silly habits. We will all laugh n that will deepened d love feeling. Outing n travelling are d best moments n that's why umi works 26 hours to enable umi 2 have that quality time with umi 4 sons n when umi not around they have some silly character of umi 2 share n b smiles of. Umi miss u afiq n my prayers to u is next 2 myself. Love u nak.

Kid, Mirul Nadrah n laily take care n umi is always here n willing 2 share ur adventuring tour in life. B excellence n smile